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Little Saints Academy & Daycare provides a safe, secure environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive development of each student; through culturally and developmentally appropriate practices. The commitment to individualized growth is reflected in the small size of our facility. We believe that children learn different things at different times for different reasons. Knowing that, we also believe that our curriculum, methodologies, and our provider must address the needs of all students on an individual basis. To do so, we believe that learning must take place most effectively in an environment of mutual self respect and shared responsibility. 


Little Saints Academy & Daycare is dedicated to providing excellence in education for students. We are committed to achieving this excellence by developing your child’s academic standards through our curriculum. The principle vision of the Academy is to challenge your child to accept responsibility for their learning process. The Academy empowers students to be productive citizens and motivates them to serve as technical experts in the 21st century.


Whether you need full-time or part-time care, you should find that Little Saints Academy & Daycare is the perfect place for your child. Feel free to browse our interactive website to learn more about the best preschool and daycare in Menifee! You can contact us anytime, and we would love to meet you and your Little Saint.

“Making a difference, one child at a time.”

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